38+ Business Letter Template Options: Know Which Format to Use

Thank You Business Letter Template Word Download
Thank You Business Letter Template Word Download

With the business letter template, now you can prepare your own document that will serve as a professional mean of correspondence. A business letter is used for various purposes, although they are mainly for professional uses. You will also need it when writing a cover letter, thank you note, or letter of recommendation.

Format Options in Formal Letter Templates

There are a few different formats used in a business letter, which you can also observe from the various business letter template samples out there. Basically, there are three styles:

  1. Block format. All text is left justified in this business letter style. Between each section, you need to skip one line.
  2. Modified block format. In this style, most content is left justified, similar to the block format one. However, the complimentary close and contact information are formatted differently, in which you tab over to the center to put those information.
  3. Semi-block format. Also often called as indented block format, this one is pretty similar to the modified block one. The difference is that each paragraph is indented.
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Using the Business Letter Template

All the business letter samples have a professional look, meaning the appropriate choice of font face and size. No slang or casual language is used, and the grammatical errors and typos should be prevented by proofreading and editing the letter once you’ve finished writing. Meanwhile, the basic business letter template consists of these parts. Contact information includes your name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and e-mail address. Leave off this one if they’re included in personalized letterhead.

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The next is date. Remember not to abbreviate the month. Contact information of addressee should be mentioned, too. The order is name, title, company, address, city, state, and zip code. Do yourself a little favor by writing down the recipient’s name in this format: “Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name.” Keep the body section focused and simple. And the last part of business letter template is signature.

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