Cosmetologist Resume Sample and Tips


Cosmetologist resume is used by cosmetologist to get applied or employed. As a cosmetologist, you are a professional person that expert in the care of makeup, hair, skincare and also beauty products.

You may also have skills in extensions, coloring and straitening hair. In the cosmetologist resume sample, you need to mention your skills and expertise as a cosmetologist. You also will tell the company or salon you want to apply about your excellent behavior or personalities with clients or customers.

Cosmetologist resume can be sent to salon, health and beauty center and other company or organizations that still related to the skin and beauty. You need to make this resume as the professional description that includes your skills, abilities and personalities in short words so it is readable and understandable.

You look at some cosmetologist resume examples and you will understand how the resume should be written professionally as well as what the contents such as summary or objective, skills and education and awards that you have achieved.

Tips to Make Cosmetologist Resume Objective

Cosmetologist resume should include your objective or summary. Here, you can select professional summary as the snapshot of who you are or objective as what you seek and offer to the company or salon.

You can also include your previous experience as cosmetologist, where you worked before, how long as well as your commitment and offer the company that you deserve to be applied. Make the summary or objective with professional words. You can look at the sample cosmetologist resume.

Skills on Cosmetologist Resume

Cosmetologist resume should contain your skills too as a cosmetologist. There are basic or standard skill of cosmetologist and you may have more as professional cosmetologist. It can be such as 3-dimensional hair color and also highlights, extensions and braiding, eyebrow arching and waxing and many more.

You can also read the skills requirements that the salon or company want. It is good to include your non-technical skill such your communication, motivation, passion and others that will make customers or clients helped and feel comfortable to be served by you as well as for the company or salon.

Education and Award Cosmetologist Resume

Cosmetologist resume should include your last educations as well as awards or certificates that you have achieved. Sure, it is relevant educations and certificates. You can also include course class that you follow.

You can mention the year you graduate and the predicate as well as license and certification. This should be included in the resume templates for cosmetologist as it can support the data you have written.

So, to write cosmetologist resume, it is not only about writing your skills and abilities but also you need to write your personalities, educational background and achievement that you have got. Besides that, you need to consider the appearance or design of the resume so it will be eye-catching, readable and understandable.

It will make the company or salon easy to read and understand your resume as well as make them more interested in you as they will also read the resume. It is because there can be more than just your resume only in their desk.