Cover Letters That Worked – Understand All Basic Elements with Tips


Cover letter is usually sent together with resume. Just like resume, it should be customized as good as possible to attract the attention of the hiring manager in a targeted company. Like doing a research, there are some important points in order to make cover letters that worked. People nowadays are so lucky because they can easily access information to find the right answer as in tips and how to make good cover letter example.

6 Basic Elements in Cover Letter

Before going on the cover letters that worked, it is important to list the basic elements in designing a cover letter. There are six elements which are greeting, opening, hook, skills, and closing. In greeting, there will be information of sender as well as recipient. Do not forget to address the cover letter to the proper who are in charge in hiring employees. Opening then features such as a highlight of the person’s skills with a bit of creative language in opening paragraph. In hook, it is filled with past achievements which are relevant to apply certain job position.

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Skills mean every skills and capabilities to convince more and also to prove someone is qualified for the position. It could mean also any certifications. Last is closing. It states briefly the strengths of the candidate along with contact information. Many also who stated few reminding sentences after the contact information to remind the employee to contact them for further discussion or in this case, it can lead to an interview. Every cover letters that worked should be done with those basic elements.

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Tips for Cover Letters That Worked

There are many tips when it comes to designing attractive cover letter that worked example. it will be easy but sometimes people are not recognized it. It must be in strong opening statement. Why to apply the job and why someone is qualified are very crucial for it. Be simple and direct but do not try to be funny or too flat. One page max is enough because hiring manager can read it at a glance but it is impressive. Share also accomplishments. The candidate must show a professionalism and mature act through the cover letters that worked.

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