Designing a Great Company Letterhead: Tips You Have to Know


When it comes to making a design for your company letterhead, there are some important things you will have to bear in mind. Considering how the letterhead will be used widely, you surely will always want to make sure that the design represents the business and looks professional at the same time.

Design a Cool Company Letterhead Format

Here are some important tips you need to know first before designing your company letterhead! Determine what text exactly to be used in the layout. Without a doubt, the company’s name and logo are a mist, along with the relevant contact information. If desired, the company slogan may be incorporated into the design as well. When choosing the typeface, you may refer to the one that has been used elsewhere in the company’s identity. Alternatively, follow the general rule of thumb, stating that there should be more than two fonts to incorporate in any design.

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Remember that the chosen font types for company letterhead must always be consistent with the company’s image. Keeping it simple means the design is easy to read. And absolutely, leave plenty of white space for the content of the letter! Add color if appropriate. Simply use the company colors to make sure that the design for the letterhead is consistent with other branding.

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Find Professional Letterhead Design Samples

Review the proof copy carefully. After the design is made, print out a copy and review it carefully. This is to make sure that the content of the letterhead is correct and free from typos. You can also ask others for any feedback on the design. We hope that those tips will be really helpful for you when designing a company letterhead. This way, your design will look both attractive and professional. The design samples you can find freely online will also serve as a truly helpful reference to guide you on how the letterhead design should look.

Red Truck In The Motion Company Letterhead

Red Truck In The Motion Company Letterhead

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