Do I Need a Cover Letter When Applying for a Job?


Everyone who looks for a job must deal with cover letter. Further than the cover letter, they also need to submit a resume. Do I need a cover letter when applying online? You must be wondering, “do I need a cover letter?” Yes, fortunately there are some advantages of cover letters. Here are some of them.

The Importance of Cover Letter

Do I need a cover letter? Yes, cover letter will make you set apart. It will be the other important thing besides your resume. It will sell your ‘brand’. The cover letter, just like in an advertisement, is like a marketing package. It also reveals your personality as well as builds your rapport. On the one hand, resume is very factual, but your cover letter? It is infused with some personality. The last thing is that cover letter will let you tell a story. There is some of information which is not told by the resume since the resume is very straightforward and in fact. Thus, cover letter covers this all.

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When You Don’t Need to Send Cover Letter

When a company asks you to send a cover letter, make sure you make it short. But there are some companies of institution which don’t ask you to send your cover letter. So, the question “do I need a cover letter?” is not needed. Why a company doesn’t need your cover letter? Well, just follow the instruction since it might be one test from the company to follow some directions and one way is not to ask you to submit your cover letter.

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Do I need a cover letter? The answers are yes and no. Yes, if the company asks you and no, if it doesn’t. Just follow the company request. Writing a good cover letter is sometimes time-consuming. But the consensus is your effort might give you edge as well as help you land more and more interviews.

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