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Even though the items in your home are yours and you can treat them as you like, it is very beneficial if you develop good habits to always take inventory of your household items. Routinely carrying out an inventory of houses will be very important if there is theft, fire, or natural disaster. An inventory list can also be useful for keeping track of your wedding gifts.

A home inventory list, be it for your immediate use or someday later, will be easier to manage if there is already a template. A good home inventory template has contact details for ordering household items. For example, you write your table in the inventory list. In the next column, state the brand, date of purchase, and place of purchase and their contacts. This will make it easier for you if the table needs repair or is about to be sold. In the next column, write whether the table is in good condition, needs service, or is in bad condition.

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Use our home inventory templates to make it easier for you to register your household items:

  • Free Download Home Inventory Templates
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  • Free Download Bedroom Inventory Templates
  • Free Download Dining Room Inventory Templates
  • Free Download Family Room Inventory Templates
  • Free Download Kitchen Inventory Templates
  • Free Download Laundry Room Inventory Templates
  • Free Download Closet Inventory Templates
  • Free Download Home Inventory Checklist Templates
  • Free Download Home Inventory Content List
  • Free Download General Household Equipment Inventory Templates
  • Free Download Electronics Inventory Templates
  • And many more!
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Our home inventory templates are available in popular file formats such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Apple Pages. They are also free to download, modify, and print without worrying about license and legal issues. Our templates are also fully customizable layouts, including high quality images, graphic filter, and free fonts. You can download these ready-made templates now for free!

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