How to Write a Good Phlebotomy Cover Letter


Writing a cover letter isn’t a difficult job. What you need to do is to ensure the manager chooses you as the best candidate to have an interview. When you are writing a Phlebotomy Cover Letter, you need to focus on some important things such as practical experience that you have and addressing one specific criterion which is outlined in the advertisement of the job. How to write a phlebotomy cover letter which is good and proper?

How to Make Good Phlebotomy Cover Letter

When you want to write a good phlebotomy cover letter, you need to focus on 4 important things. These things must be in the Phlebotomy Cover Letter that includes 1) reviewing the advertisement; 2) introduction; 3) the body of the cover letter; and 4) closing.

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Cover letter example for phlebotomy jobs

In the first part of a Phlebotomy Cover Letter, you must review the ad such as mentioning some information needed like the minimum amount of the work experience which is required, training type which is expected, as well as required professional certifications. Other information such as specific number of capillary sticks and blood draws might be good, too. The next is introduction. Open the cover letter with professional greeting which is addressed to the hiring manager or recruiter. If there’s no name of them, just call the company. You can use: “Dear Hiring Manager”, but avoid using “To Whom it May Concern”.

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The third part of Phlebotomy Cover Letter is the body. It must include your qualifications, experience in collecting specimens other rather than blood, and your possession of certification from American Society for Clinical Pathology. The last is closing that reaffirms your interest for the position in the last paragraph. Then, ask the reader for contacting you for setting up an interview. Include as well your telephone number, when the best time to reach you. And end your cover letter with “Sincerely yours” or other professional closing.

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