Moving Invoice Template to Download and Print for Free


If you own and manage a moving company, then the moving invoice template will make a really useful reference when you need to create one for your business in order to bill your customers. After all, an invoice is always an important document to remind the customers about the unpaid job you have completed. You can find various versions for this document, be it the moving invoice template Word, Excel, or PDF. There are even the printable invoices you can create online!

What to Include in Moving Service Invoice Template

Here is the information you have to include in every moving invoice template.

  • Your name, along with your business’ name. Don’t forget the address and contact information.
  • The name of your client or a company the moving company invoice will be sent to.
  • Details of the work completed, such as the products and the labor or service provided. This, undoubtedly, is the most critical information regardless of the format of moving invoice template Be sure to include the price or cost billed for each line on your invoice.
  • Total everything up at the end line of the details. Sales tax may be applied too, so calculate the total of tax to be charged and the grand total.
  • Don’t forget the details related to payment and expected timeline for your client to complete the payment.
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Using the Moving Invoice Template

Is using a moving invoice template a must? Well, it is best practice to always do so. This way, both you and the customer will have a formal record related to the work delivered and completed, along with the total of money the customer is billed for to be collected by you. In general, using invoice is also a great help to help you calculate the profitability of your business and file the taxes at the end of the year. Besides, it goes without saying that the invoice also helps you ensure that the unpaid job will be completed within a specific period of time.

free moving invoice

free moving invoice

Moving Invoice Template

Moving Invoice Template

moving invoice template free online invoice creator template moving invoice template – Invoice Template Ideas

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