Personal Trainer Resume Sample and Tips


Personal trainer resume should explain an expertise area of the trainer who wants to apply the job in short words. So, the resume will be readable or easy to read and to check by the company or health organization. Personal trainer is fitness professional who works for both exercise and instruction for the clients to motivate and achieve the goals. He also sets the plans and goals for the client as well as feedbacks. In the personal trainer resume sample, the professionalism should be described in detail.

Personal trainer resume is needed to meet the standard from the contents and the appearance or design. Usually the resume will be applied for fitness facilities, fitness center, health clubs, personal homes, client homes, and even in over live video that is known with virtual personal trainer and other social and health organizations or companies. Personal trainer resume templates can help you in writing your abilities, skills and personalities in the professional resume that is readable and understandable.

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Tips to Make Personal Trainer Summary

In the personal trainer resume, you need to write objective or summary in short words or one paragraph. Here, you need to write about your experience, previous job and also your expertise. Here, you will tell what you will offer to the company or organization you apply as well as how you will work either independently or in team. Tell about your abilities on the offered job to the company. Make sure the company if you deserve to the job. You can look at personal trainer resume sample to see how the summary or objective should be written.

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Skills on Personal Trainer Resume

In the resume for personal trainer, you need to include your skills both the technical and non-technical. Technical skills related to the fitness and nutrition or health and non-technical skills related to the way you become professional personal trainer such your communication, motivation and more. In the personal trainer resume, skills should be written in very simple language. And you can read the skills requirements by the company. And commonly, the skills will include fitness training, nutrition planning, special certifications, self-motivated and also able to work in team or independently. Your professional skills should be included.

Education and Award Personal Trainer Resume

Personal trainer resume should tell your last education or course or training as well as achievements or awards that you have had as a professional personal trainer. You can also mention name of the schools or course that you train and get the certificates. This will make your resume more considered by the company or organizations as you have had excellent educations or training and awards in your career.

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So, in the personal trainer resume you will not only tell your skills and abilities but also your personalities to make sure as a professional personal trainer you also have good personalities. The personalities include motivations, communication, energetic and also understand the needs of the clients as each client may have different goals, problems as well as for them who are in the medical treatment.


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