Phlebotomy Resume Sample and Tips


Phlebotomy resume includes skills, experience, educational background as well as award of the phlebotomy technician or also called as phlebotomist. Phlebotomy is a practice, procedure or process of drawing blood from the patients as well as taking the specimen of the blood to the laboratory for a testing. It is an important job in the clinical laboratory. To make phlebotomy technician resume, you need to describe yourself professionally to attract the company or organization.

As phlebotomist, you can work in the clinical laboratory or other medical fields. And being phlebotomist can be also just like a stepping-stone to other health careers including as medical assisting. So, phlebotomy resume can be sent to many medical fields to get the job as the stepping-stone to the higher level of job in the health careers. You need to make the resume readable and understandable. Look at the phlebotomy resume sample and see how the resume should be made or written.

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Tips to Make Phlebotomy Resume Summary

You need to include your objective or summary in the phlebotomy resume. Here, you can write your career history as a phlebotomist. How long your experience is, your enthusiasm, motivation and also how you work as professional phlebotomist can be written in your summary to make the company or organization. Your commitment and professionalism should be included here. Your objective to seek the position offered by the company is also important. Make the summary and objective with professional language but simple and easy to understand.

Skills on Phlebotomy Resume

As phlebotomist, you need to have basic and advance skills. In the phlebotomy resume the skills can be in venipuncture and also capillary puncture, blood collection and handling safety, medical records review, blood specimen storage, patient and donor care and quality assurance and controls. You can make a list of your technical and nontechnical skills as required by the company. Usually when a company opens a job vacancy, they will also write the skill requirement as their standard.

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Education and Award Phlebotomy Resume

Relevant educational background and awards should be written clearly. In the phlebotomy resume, you can also mention your licenses and certifications to make sure the company if you are graduated from the relevant field. Your achievement can also determine or support your data to be more considered by the company as it is the award of what you have done as professional phlebotomist. If you have joined a course and you get a title or certificate, you can also write it. Some companies may also have their own standard of the education or degree.

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So, when you are writing phlebotomy resume, it should include many important things or highlights and snapshot of your professionalism as a phlebotomist. Look at how entry level phlebotomy resume is made or written. You can look more examples of resume to get the right tips and format to write the resume so you can describe yourself with professional language but simple and easy to understand. The appearance of the resume should be eye-catching and attract the company to read as on their desk there can be many resumes from other people.


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