Receptionist Resume for Successful Applicants


Receptionist resume is relevant with customer services field. Receptionist is a person who is responsible for greeting and meeting visitors with first class service for the customer. It means that communicative skills are really needed in this profession. The format of the resume must be well-ordered, easy to understand, and of course the content should attract the human resources development’s eyes. Here is receptionist resume sample that can be really helpful for you.

The job descriptions of receptionist are many. They are answering telephone professionally and effectively, dealing with the enquiries, receiving deliveries, arranging distribution, logging information, maintaining record in details, organizing meeting rooms. The other tasks to do are typing reports, letters, or other important documents which are confidential and also sensitive, scanning documents, archiving files of paper, updating systems, booking rooms for meeting, making catering arrangements, and also processing outgoing post. From all the job description of receptionists, you can imagine how many jobs they should handle. That is why being receptionist should have multitasking abilities. For getting inspirational receptionist resume examples, you can get a lot of options for it.

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Tips to Make Receptionist Resume Objective/ Summary

Receptionist resume consist of many parts. Each part of the resume should be able to present who you are. In writing receptionist resume objective you should be careful and pay attention to details on what you should write. Receptionist resume objective can be very crucial since it is written in the upper part of the resume. When writing objective, it is important for you to write the company’s name. It will allow the employer to know that employee stands above other applicants. You should also write that you are able to handle all the duties since you have basic comprehension about the tactics of customer service and also clerical procedures.

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Skills on Receptionist Resume

To write the skills on your receptionist resume, you have to pay attention to some points. Write the relevant technical skills which can support you to work professionally in the company. What are they? You should write the skills of Microsoft office, order processing, outlook, phone system, and also database management. Those are the skill needed and relevant with the position of receptionist. If you have all those skills, they will be very helpful for you.

Education and Award Receptionist Resume

Putting your education background and also the award in receptionist resume is also crucial. You can write the name of the university where you studied and the year you were graduated are the most important. Besides that, you can write the awards or training you ever joined as it can be very helpful for you. But remember that what you write must be relevant with the position you apply. Try to ignore irrelevant information just to make your resume full of information.

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In conclusion, when writing receptionist resume, the objective, skills, educational background, and also awards are the main point should be found. By seeing them, the employer will know the applicant more. To know the best receptionist resume template, you can browse. It will give you inspiration since the resume should be attractive and really presents the real data of the applicant.


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