The Best Words to Use in a Cover Letter – Dos & Don’ts Words to Know


When making a cover letter, choice of words becomes one of inseparable considerations. Words to use in a cover letter should be the one that can attract the attention of hiring manager as well as the way to build up the personality package within a written communication skill. In order to make the cover letter stand out among others, tips and tricks must be mastered. Evaluate your cover letter by looking at the following guideline

Tips: Words to Avoid

Creating impression can be reflected through words to use in a cover letter. The first to avoid is ‘feel or believe’. It can be used to state that someone is ideal for the job position but it does mean to talk based on opinions and sentiments. State also the qualifications. It is more convincing explanation. Next is expletive word. In case of cover letter, of course, hiring manager will not tolerate any profanity just to make it colorful in language. Shortened and non standard spellings are prohibited too to have best words to use in a cover letter.

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Furthermore, basically/very/really/totally are also useless for a cover letter. The principle is to make it simple and direct. So fillers have no effect in the cover letter. Rather than using ‘utilize’, ‘need’ and ‘use’ are preferable as words to use in a cover letter. The last is any form of claim for innocence. It means such honestly/seriously cannot be attached in cover letter. It is because you are not joking or dishonest about everything in the cover letter.

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Words to Use in a Cover Letter for a Job for Catchy Cover Letter

Within steps to make good letter with good choice of words, there are specific words to use in a cover letter as reference when designing your own cover letter. They are action verbs, keywords, recognizable words, and specific skills. Action verbs are coordinated, supervised, developed, drafted, etcetera. It is used to state that you are proactive. Repeating selected keywords is needed especially when the company uses keyword-search software program to select the best cover letter. In terms of specific skill, choose job relevant nouns that link to the candidate skills. It is better also recognizable words rather than somewhat unusual in common basis of language.

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