Tips to Write Your Security Officer Resume



Security officer resume needs to be written carefully, especially when it comes to explaining and emphasizing the skills and abilities relevant to the job. As a professional security office, you surely need a job that can give you a better work environment with decent pay, thus earning more for you than you do now. This means a solid resume for security officer is what you need, in addition to decent sample security officer resume you surely must use as your reference.

Thankfully, we have some important tips to share with you when you are writing down your security officer resume. In general, this security officer resume sample and tips will focus on how to state your resume objective well and clearly, writing down your skills relevant to the job, and any additional information to enrich your resume. Let’s check them out!

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Explaining the Objectives Clearly

When you write your security officer resume, it is important to remember that capturing the attention of the hiring manager should be your ultimate consideration. This means you must be able to state the security officer resume objective really well as well as clearly. A good career objective should be a short statement telling what knowledge, abilities, and skills you have to help not only your own career, but also the company you are applying to in order to achieve its goals. That is one point that is often forgotten by most applicants as they build their career resume.

Don’t Forget to List Your Skills!

Unfortunately, many people often encounter trouble as they write the details of their work experience section on security officer resume. Don’t only stick with basic bullet point list of responsibilities and duties if you want your resume to stand out. Two important things you must keep in mind when you describe your skills and abilities are (1) to start each bullet point detail with an action verb and (2) to quantify your achievements. Avoid starting each description with “responsible for” and use “managed”, “developed”, “implemented”, and other action verbs instead. On the other hand, quantifying your achievements can help you demonstrating your focus of being result-oriented, rather than being task-oriented person.

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Filling in Your Education Background

Do list your education background, especially those relevant to the job you are applying, when you build your security officer resume. Even so, don’t ever lie. Even though you consider your education histories are insufficient, there is a chance the companies are willing to take the risk since you are considered to have the skills and attitude they need to do the job. Usually, the details in job description are more like the companies’ idea of ideal candidate, rather than a hard and fast rule.

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If you write more than one security officer resume for different companies, do not blindly print the same resume to all companies you are applying to. You may need to make some adjustments necessary to suit the company profile, objectives, and more. And don’t forget to ask someone to proofread your resume before you submit it so you can avoid small-but-significant typo.