What Is in a Cover Letter: Important Parts You Have to Include


Knowing what is in a cover letter is highly important when you are writing yours to apply for a new job. After all, your cover letter should include all the pertinent information efficiently and clearly to make you eligible for the position. And any missing element may get you disqualified from consideration.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job Application Properly

So, what is in a cover letter? In general, here are the parts of each cover letter: contact details, salutation, body of the letter, closing, and signature. We will focus on the first three. Contact detail is one of must-stated parts, stating not only yours, but also your employer’s, especially if it’s a hard copy letter you’re preparing. Include your name, phone number, and e-mail address, as well as postal address if necessary. In salutation, avoid using “Dear Sir or Madam,” “Dear Employer,” or “Dear Hiring Manager”. Do your small research and make an effort to state the name of your contact, to whom the letter is address.

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Free Cover Letter Examples Body

What is in a cover letter body? For the body it generally informs the employer what position you’re applying for, why you should make it to the interview process, and how you’ll follow-up. Typically, the body includes these elements, each for one single paragraph. It includes why you’re writing the letter. It’s to grab the attention, offering focused information related to the position and how your strengths meet the requirements. It also highlights the examples of achieved results and work performed in the past.

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Use bullet points to help readers read effectively. Tell the employer how you can contribute to the company’s mission. Close the letter with a summary what you’d bring to the table. Also suggest a call or request a meeting to suggest next steps. You can always find good examples for a good cover letter, covering all the important items in what is in a cover letter. Use the template as your guideline to write your customized cover letter!

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