What Should A Cover Letter Include? Evaluate Yours with This Guideline


Strong cover letter can mean different in the eyes of hiring manager. It is simple truth that should be faced by every candidate to not easily get rejected. How to get the perfect one then? The answer is to evaluate the content. What should a cover letter include? It is crucial but fairly easy after knowing the objectives of the cover letter itself. Cover letter features information which are not included in resume and to demonstrate how someone is interested to apply for the job.

Things to Know of What Should a Cover Letter Include

It is important to know that cover letter complements the resume, not to re-write or duplicate the resume. In addition, it can also be added with more personal touch such as language arrangement to be more attractive. To get it effectively, it can be divided into three parts: introduction, body, and closing. Introduction takes charge on reasons for the candidate to create the cover letter. How you heard and preview about you skill can be attached to the first part of what should a cover letter include.

Before go into the introduction, both candidate and the employer’s information are next on what should a cover letter include. There will be name, address, phone number, email, and date. Salutation is followed next in what should a cover letter include when applying for a job. In body, mention the specific skills and achievements which can support the targeted position. If necessary, just go with an example too. Write it in one to two paragraphs. On closing, state what makes you a strong candidate for the position. End it by thanking the hiring manager and signature.

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How to Evaluate the Cover Letter

After understanding the making process and order of the cover letter, what should a cover letter include is an evaluation. Make sure to keep it short but specific with one page maximum. In length, it is in between of 200-300 words. Do not let any grammatical and spelling mistakes in the cover letter. Match the skills and make sure you are qualified by seeing the job description. It is used to be professional and reduce the possibility of getting rejected because of the mismatch. Those are how must a cover letter be written.

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