What Should A Cover Letter Say? Notice the Key Aspects + Steps


What should a cover letter say? This seems to be common question especially for those who are looking for their first like fresh graduated people. Although there are bunch of references available in internet, people are still confused on how to make and what should be covered to get perfect cover letter. In addition, an article released in 2008 by the Society for Human Resource Management, about 43% hiring managers spend only a minute and less to review a job application.

What Should a Cover Letter Say about You? Get to Know Further

It is fairly easy to answer on what should a cover letter say. Just remember these. First, state who you are and how to contact you. Second is to mention how you heard the job information and which job position you want to apply. On the third list, show an enthusiasm and state reasons why you are interested in the position. Fourth, tell all your experiences as well as relevant skills that can prove you are good candidate. Fifth, show you had to like an interview and last will be show a grateful by thanking the reader or hiring manager.

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Steps to Make Cover Letter

Starting from an opening, it includes some basic terms. The first is greeting. It should provide the sender (candidate) and recipient’s contact information. You can search on the company’s website to find out a name who is in charge to read your cover letter or it is usually called hiring manager. Use the name in the greeting. For first paragraph, you can state who you are and reasons to apply for the position. Next on what should a cover letter say is to mention the listed experiences in the next paragraph as body.

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You can list in a form of bullets or simply make it in paragraph. It should be linked too for the targeted position. In case to answer question of what should a cover letter say, being specific and simple are important to note for this part too. On final paragraph, convince the hiring manager to call you as an invitation for the next hiring process. Last on what should a cover letter say when applying for a job is to thank the hiring manager by leaving such as sincerely and regards to close the letter.

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