What Should Be in a Cover Letter: Brief Writing Guidelines


Figuring out what should be in a cover letter is highly important in order to help and guide you in writing a good cover letter that will attract the potential employer. Before you finally start writing your own cover letter, our brief guideline will be really useful to read. Get to know the detail of a cover letter here.

What to Include in a Cover Letter: The Details

What should be in a cover letter includes header at the first place. Your cover letter should open with you and the employer’s contact details, followed by the date. You don’t have to put your postal address when you’ve already included e-mail and phone number—just be sure that you can be reached through either of them. Include your contact detail after the signature at the end of your letter if it’s an e-mail. The next is salutation. Related to this, it’s always preferable to write out the contact’s full name.

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The next thing of what should be in a cover letter is introduction. It states what position you’re applying for to begin with. Explain how you heard about the advertised position, especially if you heard it from a contact related to the company. Mention how your experience and skills match the position and/or company as a preview of the rest of the letter. It’s to grab the employer’s attention. Body explains your interest in the position offered and why you’ll make a qualified candidate. List the specific qualifications also required in the job posting and explain. Provide examples that show your abilities.

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Simple Cover Letter for Job Application Closing Part

The last but not least is closing. Restate how the skills you have make you a strong candidate for the position and/or company. Write how you’d like to follow-up and when. Thank the employer for considering you. A complimentary close is also what should be in a cover letter, followed by your handwritten signature and typed name to end your cover letter.

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