What Should Be Included in a Cover Letter and Writing Guidelines


Knowing what should be included in a cover letter is the first time to figure out what a good cover letter looks like. Finding out the right and proper cover letter helps you write the proper one. Read more to help you write your own, even if you’re using the free cover letter examples to help you!

Things to Write in a Cover Letter

Your cover letter is to complement your resume instead of duplicating it. The effective cover letter helps identify your most relevant experiences or skills. Determine relevance by reading the description of the job carefully, evaluating the skills needed, and matching them to the skills you have. Think of examples of where those skills have been applied, and how you’re the right person for the position available.

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So, what should be included in a cover letter? Customize your cover letter and include the following things like the job you are applying for, how you found or learned about the advertised job and add a referral if you have any. The other thing is why you’re the qualified person for the job. Also, make sure to mention what you have (skills, knowledge, experiences) to offer the potential employer.

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How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job Application: Brief Outline

In every cover letter, this outline is also another important thing related to what should be included in a cover letter. Header puts the contact information of yours and the employer’s, such as name, phone number, and e-mail address, followed by the date. Salutation usually comes in different options such as “Dear Hiring Manager” and “Dear Sir or Madam.” Then, introduction should be begun by stating the job you’re applying for, explaining where you heard about it and mentioning the skills and experiences that match the position and/or company.

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The body explains why you’re interested in the job and why you’re qualified for the position. The closing part restates how the skills you have make you a qualified candidate. Explain what and when you’ll do to follow-up, and thank the employer for her/his consideration. The last but not least is signature. Use a business-like closing remark and end the letter with your signature and your name. Signature is what should be included in a cover letter that is considered important.

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